Public Health Economics 

Winter School 2019:

Health Technology Assessment, pricing and reimbursement of preventive interventions in Public Health

Groningen, the Netherlands, 2-6 December 2019 

The first week of December 2019 marks the launch of a unique training opportunity for professionals seeking to gain hands-on experience in the application of health economic evaluations in the field of prevention and health promotion. This year’s programme will focus on how to analyse and quantify the economic value of preventive interventions in public health. If you’re a professional working for the government, NGO, the private or academic sector, this programme will provide you with cutting-edge training in health economics to create sustainable impact in the field of public health. 

The 5-day training organized by Asc Academics with the support of the University of Groningen encompasses a dynamic programme focused on the economic value of public health interventions, including presentations by international players in the private and public sector, hands-on training, and interactive role-plays and mock-debates. Experts from diverse fields such as epidemiology, preventive medicine, global health, market access, and health economics will offer insights into how health economics is embedded in public health policy.

The programme aims to equip participants with training in: 

  • The role of HTA in developing countries 
  • Multi Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA)
  • Introduction to infectious diseases modelling 
  • Introduction to Fiscal modelling and Budget Optimization
  • Pricing and reimbursement of preventive interventions